Friday, June 29, 2007

The Weight Loss And The Weight Gain

Millions of people struggle to lose their weight around the world. It''s hard for me to understand what it really means to be fat especially when I hear skinny girls and fit guys complaining they're fat. I wish I could look like a few guys. I don't want to take over three seats in the subway or not fit in a car. If that happens it is obvious there is a problem.

My situation is that I can't gain weight. I'm 31 years old and I look like a 18 year old kid. Some teenagers have a body that look more masculine than mine. When I do gain weight I can't maintain it. All I need is to get stressed with a problem or not eat properly for two or three days or drink a coffee, that will take care of it for sure - not to count with other secondary effects that I rather leave untold.

I want to look like those guys from International Male catalog magazines and Men's Fitness. It looks easy to workout when you look at them, but it's the long process that makes you give up or feel disappointed. But when I workout I feel different and look different. So, it's time now to put it to the real work.

So I came to an agreement with my roommate. We're going to workout hard. While he will be fighting the extra weight bringing it down to 130lbs, I will be fighting to bring my body to a healthy 170-180lbs. We are going to film and photograph our progress along the way. and place those videos on the blog. Eventually when we reach our goals I'm going to put all the footage together and make a documentary. It will be available on my CornerStone Pictures website. This challenge will for sure keep us motivated, especially when we know that people around the world will be looking at us and tracking our progress.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Green Cards And Privileges

I went through a lot of stress in this country to survive hunger and incurring bills that chocked me with problems. The fact I couldn't find a real job left me behind from any privilege this country could offer. I was angry, angry the country, angry at the President, angry at everything and even hated the idea of a Green Card. I was too hurt to care about it. All I wanted was a regular life. My friends who were illegal were going through the same struggle - Money.

I thank God today that I have my Green Card and I can work, but I wish all those friends I love so much could have the same opportunity and blessing I had. I helped a few, and they're hanging on to their jobs but others are now even prostituting to make money. I wonder if this is the kind of country the legislation wants to make, because people are not seeing any other way to get through their lives. The immigration bill is stuck and the ideas are not helping anyone. And seeing a friend selling his body hurts me more than a shot in the head.

Do something America. Give a chance to those who want to make a better life for themselves and improve this nation.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Personal Video Profiles On The Internet

We often see more and more people leaving bios and introductory videos online other than writing them. Nowadays is easier for people to surf through images and videos than to seat still for 5 minutes and read someones' information.

CornerStone Pictures is now offering these kinds of bios and profiles that everyone can use to express themselves online. These videos can range from different types, it's up to you to find out what you wamt to talk about, what you want to present, what is the video about.

YouTube is now the leading website for personal videos and anything people want to share all over the world. We can can have one there too. Why not getting ourselves in the 21 st century market?

This is useful for dating sites like e-harmony, or profile sites like hi5,, and even placing links in ads on websites like, adcloud, backpage, and many others.

Check us out, we're ready to work with you. Talk about yourself, talk about anything, talk about your business, talk about an issue and show it.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Being A Photographer

To stop time in a photograph is a beautiful thing, unlike the moving image of a video or film I learn each time I train my camera on an actor, model, dancer, or flower that I am freezing time. It's when you look at an old photo of yourself a in the future and realize that the moment will never happen again. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is true. My roommate is able to write seemingly endless words based on a simple family photo, but I think he might not able to recreate that moment in time because there were things that happened before and after the photo was taken. I've seen some of his old, fading family photos, and when we've talked about them, I see a look of nostalgia in his eyes. It's this look that tells the story of his family and those moments that were not discussed. It's a lifetime story.

The work of making someone look good in a photograph or shooting a beautiful flower that may not be there tomorrow remains in the mind of the photographer.

How I wish photography was invented hundreds of years ago. What if the Atlantians had discovered that technology? Perhaps we'd be able to see images from the real Atlantians and Egyptians. If the technology existed back then, the images might have been in the microprocessors 9000 years ago.

As a photographer, I need to look closely at details right under my nose, and those just out reach that only my macro lenses can bring into focus. I will implement this discerning eye in my future filmmaking and creative writing. It's an adventure. There are other worlds to discover in the images of the frames.