Wednesday, August 23, 2006

You Get What You Pay For

One simple comment on craigslist posting. It's amazing how people associate sex with anything we have to offer.

It's sold, offered, it's shown, and the competition rises when the disgusting addicts drown the site with crap. It's such a great website for business, but everyone thinks they can offer the same product we have on the same site. The competition? Muscular boys and free sex. Even the girls, all they ask is for a rich man to come and pick her on a white steed. I posted there for a girl who replied, but never responded. I would never marry a woman who is interested in what I have. She'll be lucky if she will finish her first night with me.

What does massage have to do with sex and release? And photography with getting naked doing it? Copycats who copy you texts and pictures. Picture collectors. They want nothing but to expect you to send them a naked picture for their "psycopathic" file of naked boys and girls. Go see a doctor. Too much monkey business and rabbit sex is cooking your mind.

Bad business. People in search of dirty sex and pleasurable things destroy everybody else's businesses. In the end, the "clients" are the ones who get tricked by not getting what they asked for freely, and get even robbed.

"You get what you pay for"