Saturday, February 10, 2007

Too Far In The Future To Remember

Today, while I waited for a friend to come home for a visit, I looked at the screen of my computer and felt bored. Then just as I always do, I opened my Outlook and started to play with the calender. I clicked on the fast forward buttons and left it there until I felt I was too far in the Future.

I observed the years counting up and imagining the world changing in fast motion, like a time machine. 2015, 2020, 2030, 2050 and when I reached here, I imagined different world and dark. I remembered I would be 76 years old, I probably would not reach that far. I imagined I'd be old and wasted, tired of life while other younger people will enjoy those years. When the world reach the year 2080, they will talk about those who lived in the 20s, 30s, 40s and the 50s, but not of the 20th century, but of the 21st.

I left the button take me up to the year 2115. I had let that go further, I'm sure it would not end. As a photographer, filmmaker and writer, these numbers just seemed to create a vision in my mind and my heart, a vision beyond what I can imagine.

I wrote myself a note on the year 2115. I know I will not be here by that time, but maybe my hard drives will stand the test of time. Will DELL still be there by then?

This is what I wrote on July 28th 2115 at 8AM: "Only God knows where this computer and its hard drive will be when I'm gone before then. Hopefully, CornerStone Pictures still exists.

"Only time will tell how far this can go.

"Written by Jorge Silva, born in 1975 and wrote this in the year 2007."

If the computer still exists by then it will sound an alarm one day before. Maybe I'll hide the hard drive somewhere with lots of secrets in it before I die.

CornerStone Pictures - New Production Company

I'm now in the process of starting a new production company. We're extending our brand to include film shorts, feature films, and documentaries. Our goal is to produce all movie genres that have a meaning and something that will leave the audience thinking.

I will still be available for 35mm and digital photography as a part of my base work, but I've now decided to collaborate with two other production companies: Keneritz Media and Blue Light Films.

If anyone is interested in volunteering on our team and participating in any of our planned projects, feel free to contact us. My business e-mail address is

We're looking for Writers, Directors, Actors and Producers.