Friday, June 29, 2007

The Weight Loss And The Weight Gain

Millions of people struggle to lose their weight around the world. It''s hard for me to understand what it really means to be fat especially when I hear skinny girls and fit guys complaining they're fat. I wish I could look like a few guys. I don't want to take over three seats in the subway or not fit in a car. If that happens it is obvious there is a problem.

My situation is that I can't gain weight. I'm 31 years old and I look like a 18 year old kid. Some teenagers have a body that look more masculine than mine. When I do gain weight I can't maintain it. All I need is to get stressed with a problem or not eat properly for two or three days or drink a coffee, that will take care of it for sure - not to count with other secondary effects that I rather leave untold.

I want to look like those guys from International Male catalog magazines and Men's Fitness. It looks easy to workout when you look at them, but it's the long process that makes you give up or feel disappointed. But when I workout I feel different and look different. So, it's time now to put it to the real work.

So I came to an agreement with my roommate. We're going to workout hard. While he will be fighting the extra weight bringing it down to 130lbs, I will be fighting to bring my body to a healthy 170-180lbs. We are going to film and photograph our progress along the way. and place those videos on the blog. Eventually when we reach our goals I'm going to put all the footage together and make a documentary. It will be available on my CornerStone Pictures website. This challenge will for sure keep us motivated, especially when we know that people around the world will be looking at us and tracking our progress.

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