Saturday, July 23, 2005

Is it too much to ask for some consideration?

I don't know if it happens with everyone. Leaving with three different people at home could be mostly frustrating, when one of them is a pot head and let his coming friends eat everything we have. Can you be this stupid and not understand that the food and the space is not all yours? I might sound a complainer, but it seems I'm doomed to this. I refuse to live this way. I'm buying my own fridge! By the way, I've had the most ridiculous week at work. No offense to any one, but I've had the most stupid idiots on the phone I've ever heard. As a telemarketer I do understand that we are hated, but does this give the right to a human being to talk to another with rudeness, screaming like a mad cow, purposely hit the phone on the hook until it hurts, and now they even teach their kids to answer the phones and act stupid just like their parents. The telemarketers never call the same person all the time, but the computer systems from the company we're calling on behalf of do. It's not our fault. I'm just doing my job and I'm paid to call people about a program that actually is good and has a gift along with it. Is it too hard to pick the phone and say politely that you are not interested? We get the message! As an European I'm glad sometimes I wasn't educated here, and don't take me wrong, but most Americans are tremendously impolite on the phone, ignorants and have a huge lack of grey mass (for those supposedly smart ones who don't understand, it means - BRAIN. The Mexicans are quite dumb, and..., let me shut my mouth! Next time you get a call from us, let it ring, and if you answer say, not interested, and do not hit the phone on our ears please, it is not our fault. Go easy on us. Show us, immigrants that we are living in a more high level educated country than the one we came from.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday 17th

Today, I had a great day at church. Everything went great until my wife called me to tell me that she was angry for going there in the morning. She left thinking about her past. All I wanted was for her to listen to me playing the keyboad at church. I couldn't call her, otherwise she will mess the rest of my night. I feel very good! I don't want to lose it. I wish my wife could understand me sometimes too. She used to tell me I didn't understand her, but now she is doing the same or worse with me. This all comes from a past that is told in memoir I wrote - FADOS OF A CHILD.