Wednesday, February 06, 2008


It's been something that always interested me and something I've never thought I that had and should give more importance too.

Imagine when your best friend tells you they are going in a trip and suddenly a film runs inside of you in seconds and you fear for her/him. It sounds like Final Destination.

Last night when I watched Next with Nicholas Cage and Julianne Moore, I realized how scary it is to have a gift like this.

I've thought it was the devil making me see visions, because at church it was considered for people to have vision dreams and visions.

The Bible says in the Book Of Joel "In the last days, I the Lord will pour down of my spirit upon my servants and your youth shall have visions."

Perhaps it is God trying to tell me, he just wants me to be a channel for him to communicate. The truth is that He does talk to me several times. My roommate Kenny calls it my Conversations With God.

I've questioned myself if it was just my own imagination and conscience, but when either both respond to any question you throw in your mind and through your mouth and you do hear the response inside of you like the wind whispering a storm is coming or the blowing the perfumed scent of the flowers saying Spring is about to bloom, you actually start to believe. Especially they they unfold before your eyes, next minute, 10 minutes later, or next day. Sometimes a year after.

It's scary sometimes, because I see things about people I can't and won't dare to say. I could be beaten and may lose friends because they'll think I'm a freak. I don't think it's selfish when someone doesn't believe me. I just sit back and watch my vision unfold like like the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Apostle John saw visions of 2000 years ahead of his time. Other prophets have had visions of just few years ahead of their time. I had seen visions of about two to five years from now, seconds, days, even months. Some time I won't believe because I don't if it's true of it will come to pass. Maybe I don't want them to happen.

Then I pray, because I know bad things can be stopped before they happen, if you know ahead of time. I've prayed about many other things. I've changed the course of my life in order to benefit me and everyone else around me. I just knew the consequences ahead of time. It's God making me relax, showing me what's going to happen. People pay cristal ball and palm readers to guess their future. I trust God who holds it in His hands with certainty. I often pray and I ask for direction and wisdom and strength to keep me going in his pathway. He still gives me more than I ask.

knowing what lies ahead of me makes part of my being at this point. It enhances when I feel closer to God, weakens when I feel at a very low spiritual level, I become deaf when I've done something wrong. It's like a block, a thick wall. It won't break until I pray and say: God, I'm sorry!

This is why I know what I'm revealed comes from Him.

I remember when I gave my life to him, I said, "Lord, whatever is mine is Yours, and whatever is Yours is mine. Let me live in You so You can live in me. This is our covenant. Your shame is my shame, and my shame is yours. Therefore if You let me down, it's Your name in the play."

By His mercy I know He loves me and helps run my race. I don't care if I'm last. I want to finish it.

Often it's me that sometimes goes astray, but I feel Him always helping and completing His side of the covenant. He doesn't want me to embarrass His name. He know I need His help because I depend on Him for everything. He lifts me up and talks to me.

Suddenly, while I read the Bible on Matthew 25, I saw Something I've never shared with anyone. I don't know if I'll be believed. Many Christian weren't when they saw Jesus sitting at the right hand of God the Father. But here it goes.

The first vision I've ever seen was of Jesus descending through the clouds and lights of unexplainable colors of white filtered with green, yellow and light blue. It was such a spectacular image. There were smaller balls of strong lights like little stars or suns. I think they were angels of light. They circulated in spiral around his white robe. There was a belt, I think it was red. Too many light to compreehend it. I didn't see His face. It was cover by the light. His was the source of it. He descended from the sky slowly and then I woke up from the Bible page I was reading. I realized my soul was taken decades ahead from that time. I know I will see that same thing happen again, because I was there ahead of time. I know I'm not dying of anything else unless my God says so. I've prayed to see it again. I'm waiting to see the outcome.

I wish I could tell my friends and loved ones what I see. But they will not understand. They will think I'm casting bad luck in the air, when their future is already happening in front of me due to what their doing now.

A friend of mine paid $200 to get his tax return the next day last week. I told him not to. It won't get until the 12th. He would have $200 if he had listened to me. He knows I have visions. I But hey, I'm just a friend, not the Boogyman.

Hew! Auditions are now finished!!

Since December we've auditioning actors and actress for our first film Fallen From Grace. I have about 5 to 6 hours of filmed auditions and brilliant performances. The hardest job now is to selected who is going to be who.

Not that we don't have an idea, but it's going to be a hard choice. And Jamil, wow, Jamil is real and he is the bishop of our story. Way to go Jamil! - Thank you.

Kendall Williams, Writer/Editor is the casting director and will be helping directing this film produced by CornerStone Pictures and Keneritz Media.

Check our websites for more details.