Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Presence Of God

The Lord revealed to me a new understanding about His presence this morning. Before I tell what he showed me, let me start by last night.

While I was at the altar of the church, I prayed asking God to be with me, like I always I do. I asked for forgiveness for my sins and to make me draw nearer to Him. The prayer didn't last more than maybe 5-7 minutes before I got up. When I got up I immediately heard a voice inside of me (it wasn't my conscience as I know this voice from before) saying, "Wait, where are you going?" I was shocked to hear that not in the air, but inside of me. I've been hearing this soft voice for many years but not as often as now. I might be crazy, or call me a liar, but the voice was there, and I know I'm not a lunatic. I know this voice. I sat down on the altar slowly and frightened at the same time, and responded, "Yes Lord," and listened and responded back to Him as if He was right there because in fact He was there. I felt I wasn't alone.

Now this morning I spoke to Him thanking for another day. Then He spoke and said, 'If there was a god that lived in the wind, in the nature, in the air and oceans, in your heart, then there would be no need for an object or an idol so you can see Him, because He is everywhere around you and at the same time inside of you." Isn't this a great God that you don't have to carry Him with you wherever you go, but He carries you wherever you go.

Then I understood, His presence. People sing songs and pray and many only have the knowledge they're singing to God, but there is a difference when we do it to someone we know and we talk to Someone we are aware of the presence.
I understand now how Moses and Abraham, and even King David felt when they heard his voice.

There are more things I've heard from Him two days straight, that cannot tell in here or anyone, but they're wonderful. He is quiet now, but I know He'll have a whole lot more to say soon.