Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Unfair To Others

It's so sad to see how other people suffer at the look of the others.

The biggest pain of the homeless is not living in the street, because, they are still live and are helped once in a while, but the biggest pain is to feel different and rejected by society because you don't smell good and you're dirty. If one is to talk about some one who is homeless than help. That person has no choice. I'm sure he/she would love a hot bath and a wonderful shower and remove the crust of dirt on their bodies. Instead of talking, act upon it.

Last week I began a new job at a French restaurant, and I learned how much food is wasted in the garbage container every single day. I have no money to buy food, I see beggars asking for quarters to get something to eat for that day, and the people still pass by them pretending they don't even exist. I can't take an old man out of my mind that I saw today, a black male around his fifties, dragging his feet and wearing light brown shirt and thin linen pants asking for money. While I was fixing the last table outside the restaurant, I imagine the table 60, the last one, because I'm still memorizing their numbers, I observed him walking. I expected him to return past the restaurant to see if he was lucky. But I don't think he would imagine that in New York the selfish owners of the restaurants would ever let go of already paid food ready to be dumped in the container.

It hurts my heart to see girls and women who order great nutritious and expensive plates and only eat half of it. You wanna eat, not getting fat, then eat, it will be worse if you don't, other wise you'll disappear. Don't order it at all. Buy a snack at the grocery. You're better off. Vegetables do guarantee the same diet you want to do even if you eat any kind of fat and meat and bread. If the veggies are present in the meal, there is no danger of getting fat. But how far does the intelligence of the American people go? With some much reading the newspapers and watching the TV information and read books by famous intellectual wise people who don't know how to take care of their own lives with their own advices, Dr Phil like people, and yet they don't know how to eat and what to eat.

Intelligent people don't throw food away. They'll save to eat it later or give it to some else like some do.

Prophecies do tell that one day the world including the US, will go through times of famine. There will be some much hunger that these "Martians" will suffer and will remember of all the water and food they have destroyed. If they had conserved that food, they would have enough for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps they never were hungry and starved, spending 2 or 3 days with an empty stomach, drinking water and eat a piece of bread if you find one.

When I look at the homeless this is what I feel for them. Pain. I know their pain of seeing others having what they don't have, observing people spending money in useless things at the store and all they ask is for a quarter.

At the end, when they lie on the hard floor, tears run down their eyes and they only dream that one day it will be them who will own the store and have those unfair people buy from them.

May God bless the homeless.