Saturday, June 21, 2008


I hesitated today from posting a new blog. I even tried to start a secret diary, but then I erased it. What's is the point? Talking to a notebook. Instead, I'm talking to the internet.
So, here I am recovering from my circumcision from 3 days ago. I waited 4 hours hungry for the hospital to call my name. As soon as I was called I had an interview with the anesthesiologist and then of course the doctor - Stephen Teitelbaum. Them and two other nurses would spend the next hour on my crotch to make my penis look more like one. When I arrived to the table or operation they connected me to wires and injected the water into my vains.
"Where are you from?" They asked.
They put the oxygen mask on me. I thought I was going to resist.
"Portugal." I answered.
"Where in Portugal?
At this point I was already breathing through the mask.
"Where is Porto?"
I woke up in the recovery room. I felt like I died and came back. I saw the doctor asking. "How are you?"
"I'm fine. Thank you."
"You're welcome." He said.
My wife was there in pain with me, waiting patiently for my recovery. She helped me dress and came home with me where I live with my roommate. She really wanted to take care of me, but it wasn't a very good idea, since we're in the process of divorce.
I didn't eat anything besides a muffin at the hospital on that day, until my roommate prepared me one of his delicious tuna fish sandwiches. I cooked the next day so I could get a heavy meal and couldn't take a shower because I was afraid that would infect the wounds. My penis was so tight I could hardly pee. After calling the nurse and waiting for a response on what to do, finally the doctor told me to remove the bandage.
Goodness, my penis looks more like an old man's or a potato, it looks like a huge insect. It hurts a lot especially in the head because they put a stitch through the passage where the sperm comes out. No wonder they say no sex for 4 to 6 weeks.
I was able to go outside today to buy my milk for my protein shake and medicine. The "FRACKING" stores didn't have medicated bandages. Fine!
After I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom floor today, I sat at the bed trying to right my new novel, and my penis suddenly started to bleed. The blood was dripping on my foot. They say I'm going to have a normal penis again, but like this, I'm wondering. I want to go to the church tomorrow and I'm wondering if I'll be able to even to put on some underwear. The stitches get stuck on everything I put on. I have to walk around the house naked all the time. That's the only way I don't get it hurt.
I need to recover soon. Pray for me those who can. I'm resting another day before I head to work on Monday.

Friday, June 06, 2008


It was decided that on the 18th of June this year, I'm going to submit myself to surgery to remove my 3 inch foreskin that covers the top of my penis. It's been a hassle during sex, feel myself clean, and overcome the certain smells it emanates through my clothes during a summer day. No more!

I know that by the law of God, the Jews were commanded that all male babies and grown men to submit themselves to circumcision as a sign of the covenant with God. Besides, unfortunately, it was by this way Hitler and his soldiers identified the males by being Jews. That's why they stripped all them to make sure. Many non Jews were killed because many had the medical need of removing this excessive skin.

I've always known my ancestors were Jews, but it's not because of them I'm doing this. I'm scared. Never been under the knife, and what guy out there will allow his penis go under the knife?
I expect to be put to sleep during the procedure, and when I wake up I want to be a new man. I bet I will look better. My next step is to put on some weight and muscle mass on me. I will LOOK GOOD NAKED. This is going to be my next video documentary about my workout development.

As for now, GOOD BYE Foreskin!