Monday, September 08, 2008

Lending Money!

In the past, several people have borrowed thousands of dollars from me. Of course, they never paid me back. The worse one was a couple from the church where I helped as an assistant pastor. Eleven thousand dollars later, my credit with a score of 675 points went down to 550. Suddenly by the time I realized I could not pay all that money back and it went down to 350. My continuous payments brought this number up to 420. However, I had to encounter still a few bastards who would take advantage of me to take from my account the two thousand dollars my mother had sent me to pay the lawyer for my green card application. My wife was nowhere to help me anytime soon. We separated and she threatened of moving away to Florida. I was homeless, and I was promised an office to sleep in which I paid for with the two thousand dollars. Of course it was forbidden that anyone stayed in the office because they were checked every morning and I never saw the money again not to speak about the credit card debts I developed over five long years.

Today my life is completely different. I have a life of my own, a job, I got a green card, I just traveled to Portugal with my own money and I am even saving to buy my first car in New York. Before, I could even think about this. It was a dream I thought would never come true. I had to leave all my illegal friends behind because I had life to go on. I love them a lot, but now I noticed that every time I reach two thousand dollars in my savings account it will always be bellow my mark, not only because I have to pay rent, or utilities, but because now they keep asking me for money. I begin to think they are imagining me as a JORGE VISA credit card company or a CornerStone Bank Account. I know that they will pay, but keep taking money from my bank account hinders me from pursuing my opportunities and financial goals. If an opportunity comes for me to invest my money I worked for in something big, where is it, If not in the other's pockets? Moreover, they are not paying right away.

I understand they are my friends, but they need to understand this is my money and there are reasons why I am saving it, and they are not respecting it.

Yesterday one them even threatened himself to commit suicide if he becomes homeless, if I did not give him 20 dollars. I know he has no job, but it is not my fault. I had to tell him NO, this time. I had to tell him I can't help anymore. I have goals for that money.

I had to swallow my pride when I was illegal and jobless and pursue the massage business and nude photography. I didn't care what I had to go through. I knew what I wanted and I was going to get it – and I still do. I offered my help to this friend and he responds back "Olvidalo" Forget it for Spanish.

What is this that people now just want to rely on other people's money, and not doing crap to earn a life? I paid bills, expensive rents, I bought two computers, professional video camera, and a professional digital photography camera and much more even before I got my first real job, and I even paid eighteen hundred dollars to get my green card and another fifteen hundred to file for bankruptcy to get rid of over thirty thousand dollars in debts, And I did all this with money of massages and photography. I bought material worth over five thousand dollars without any money or conditions. It had to be God on my side and of course my will power. Where is their will power? I'm not saying I'm the best, but I can proof I am one who survived in New York City. I made it. I know others can too, they all need not to rely on other and find people to push them just like my current roommate who has been on my ass for three years and I too had to heed to everything he'd tell me and guide me even with my stubbornness. I went through the pain and he was willing to go through it with me. Not even once I asked him for money and I own everything I have.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Why Gays Have To Show Their Gayness?

In the last weeks have been noticing how gays act in public. I have nothing personal against gays. as matter of fact most of my friends are gay and I have no problem with that. In spite of being a Christian I have to say I cannot judge anyone. But one thing bothers me and like other fellow male friends, we refuse to understand why some have to show their gayness.

Some speak overly girly and stress the American accent with the extremely stressed Rs, when they speak they sound like they're singing out of tone, some dress like a girl with fruity colors that not even girls today can wear. They look like they're advertising the United Colors of Benetton. They turn their heads so fast and so perpendicular to their shoulders they look like mannequins, and they sit so stiff they look like a block of cement. The train moving doesn't make a difference to them. They carry handbags on their shoulders and I wonder if they bring make up in there too. (probably do).

This week I saw a young guy that dyed his hair so blond he looked like a snow flake. It was shinning at the corner of my eye. And, yes, he was knitting too with a goofy headphone on his "snow head." Suddenly he started to bang his head in circles like an retard and making the Zoolander face to his "dance." He thought he was blasting, while other normal boys were staring. Ahh! Of course, so did I.

I understand when a guy is gay, but for all effects, they are male with a penis that gets hard and everything. Why over reacting? It's not like some one is going to be hired for a C- movie with poor actors who need help with acting.

Today, I saw a "fabulousth" black male who walked fiercely like a cat. I wonder how far gays will go on imitating animal walking, throwing more possible rainbow colors on them, putting sun glasses - sometimes at night - that makes them look like flies, and wear really tight clothes that the only thing we is the the fat bellies and the unshaped body from they legs and arms. Sometime the twinks even wear tank shirt to show off muscle - only in their dream.

My eyes gaze as their hair style look like torpedoes or a forest destroyed buy a hurricane.

I know I may be wrong on this point of view, but I don't think we need to show off what we are. The others will know, naturally, it is much funnier when others discover us slowly.

Monday, September 01, 2008

CornerStone Pictures Offer New Deals On Services

CornerStone Pictures has come up with new deals on photography and video services. Sheck these out!



Package I - $400

  • Photo shoot with digital or 35mm (72 shots)
  • Up to 3 changes
  • Photo Retouching
  • CD with digital prints or negatives (film only)
  • Prints available upon request (extra fees apply)

Package II -$600

  • Photo shoot with digital or 35mm (96 shots)
  • Up to 3 changes
  • Photo Retouching
  • CD with digital prints or negatives (film only)
  • Comp card
  • Prints available upon request (extra fees apply)


  • Photo shoot with digital or 35mm (120 shots)
  • Up to 4 changes
  • Photo Retouching
  • Comp card
  • Stylist
  • CD with digital prints or negatives (film only)
  • 8x9 prints (up to 10 prints of best shot)
  • 4x6 prints (up to 30 prints of best shots)

PACKAGE IV - $1000

  • Photo shoot with digital or 35mm (150 shots)
  • Up to 4 changes.
  • Photo Retouching
  • Comp card
  • Stylist
  • Make-up Artist
  • CD with digital prints or negatives (film only)
  • 8x9 prints (up to 10 prints of best shot)
  • 4x6 prints (up to 30 prints of best shots)
  • Photo proof sheet


  • Headshots $150
  • Fashion/glamour photography $200
  • Business/Corporate (On site promotional and marketing photos) $300
  • Nudes (Artistic) $300
  • Nudes (Sensual) $400
  • Couple shots (Themed) $350
Make-up artist and stylist priced separately
CD with retouched digital photos included
Web optimized photos available upon request
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries, Religious Ceremonies - Rates begin at $350
  • 2 hour minimum
  • CD with retouched digital photos
  • Commemorative album

  • Award Ceremonies, Quinceaneras - Rates begin at $500
  • 3 hour minimum
  • Digital Photos on a CD
  • Commemorative album
8x9 prints are provided upon request at additional fees apply
  • Weddings - Rates begin at $1000
  • 4 hour minimum
  • Digital photos
  • Commemorative album
  • Prints (Available for free on packages above $2000)
We have a small crew of creative professionals including a filmmaker and director on demand ready to deliver the best quality video of the best moments in your life.
We can make your video look like a home video, a documentary, or like a movie. Whichever your choice is, it's your video.
Our packages start at $1500
Services include:
  • 16:9 and 4:9 screen format (Widescreen and full screen)
  • 60 fps (Regular video), 30 fps (Modern movie style) and 24 fps (Standard film like style) frame rate
  • DVD
  • Editing
  • Conversion
  • VHS Transfer (Optional)
  • Music addition
  • Titles and credits (Optional)
We have our own transportation. If the event takes place outside of New York, additional fees for travel will apply unless you supply your own transportation to the crew.
  • Music Videos Starting at $1000
  • Artist publicity intro videos $300
  • Video Profiles Starting at $200
We can convert your videos into compacted video files for use of the internet.
In our efforts to better serve our customers, Morningside Editorial Services offer:
  • Detailed Script Coverage/Analysis to help screenwriters and playwrights figure out works and doesn't.
  • Page-by-page revisions for busy screenwriters and playwrights without time and energy to accomplish it alone.
Contact Morningside Editorial Services for information and rates
A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to request any of our services.

It's affordable and anyone can have it.