Saturday, March 27, 2010

Having Nothing To Write

Isn't it annoying when you feel like writing something creative but then when the blank screen opens you don't know where even to start from?

I feel often that way. It is so hard to convince people to read what we write, even if you're an artist, who'll see your creativity. What happens even if you've post a thosand ads on free posting websites like  the annoying cragislist and it's hundred timer security word typing and phone verification crap? Oh damn, I have a multiple accounts with craigslist, but I can only use the cellphone number once in only in one of them. I have to buy three more phones with different numbers so I can post on the stupid website;  oh, yeah, and backpage and it readless customers.

And of course, then we have the competitors who are often not nice especially to what comes to online marketing - refering to the "flaggers." They're never too happy to see someone progressing.

This makes me feel like not trying. It's like bouncing a ball against a wall. I hope it collapes soon.

What can I write about on my blog other than blogging about not blogging? I'm annoyed!