Sunday, January 04, 2009

Rebranding A Business

It's been two years ever since CornerStone Pictures was created to help people bring up their dreams in pictures and film. I was able to help quite a few out of shape models who wanted me to make a miracle, others however exceeded my expectations. I'm happy I was able to make it happen to them either way. I was amazed with so much work that I created and helped make with Bob, my partner in Business and film a few scenes from our future feature film "FALLEN FROM GRACE" with Kendall Williams CEO of Keneritz Media and my roommate who' s been supporting me all this time.

I'm happy I created this business, I've learned a lot. I finally came to a point that I realized that my business had to move on with a new dynamic name, different look, different strategies and same purpose - to bring our viewer to the edge of their seats with our stories and make our photography lovers jaw dropped with our pictures.

EDGENTERTAINMENT will be our new name and we will be here to help you bring your dreams and stories to the screen or photography.

For those who knew us as CornerStone Pictures I hope you enjoy our new model of business.