Sunday, April 11, 2010

Virtual Assistant Needed

EdgEntertainment is a small a production company that is moving toward the film industry. However, along side the business we provide professional photography and video services anywhere in the US - Yes, we can travel.

We are looking to grow even more and because the jobs are so scarse, our team still has to linger to our regular jobs. Although we post and respond to ads during the morning on the net we still need someone who will secure clients to us during the day. The selected virtual assistant should be proficient in English, both in writing and speaking. You will be dealing with clients and need to be professional. Jobs include posting ads online, responding to ads and negotiating with responders. All Virtual Assistants selected will receive 20% commission on the booking sales made by the assistant.

To apply you need to send your information and headshot. We will meet personally prior to start working. If you're not in NYC we've schedule a meeting through the internet. You will receive a contract agreement and will be paid with a check. 1099 form will follow at the end of the fiscal year.

Check us online at