Sunday, June 10, 2007

Green Cards And Privileges

I went through a lot of stress in this country to survive hunger and incurring bills that chocked me with problems. The fact I couldn't find a real job left me behind from any privilege this country could offer. I was angry, angry the country, angry at the President, angry at everything and even hated the idea of a Green Card. I was too hurt to care about it. All I wanted was a regular life. My friends who were illegal were going through the same struggle - Money.

I thank God today that I have my Green Card and I can work, but I wish all those friends I love so much could have the same opportunity and blessing I had. I helped a few, and they're hanging on to their jobs but others are now even prostituting to make money. I wonder if this is the kind of country the legislation wants to make, because people are not seeing any other way to get through their lives. The immigration bill is stuck and the ideas are not helping anyone. And seeing a friend selling his body hurts me more than a shot in the head.

Do something America. Give a chance to those who want to make a better life for themselves and improve this nation.

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