Saturday, March 25, 2006

Who Wrote the Bible? Part IV

The common question still lights up in your mind. "But, who wrote the Bible?"

Does it really matter? A person like you and me must have written it. Is it true what is in the Bible?

You don't ask about the History books. You know their contents are real without even reading them. But you question the Bible even without reading it. You go by the opinions of others. I watch bad reviewed movies that enjoyed, I enjoyed so much I even have my own copies.
The Bible is not a religion, or a prison; it's a manual for you life, it's freedom.

Imagine you bought a very complicated electronic and you seem not to understand how it works. What do you do? Do you throw it away? Do you put it inside the drawer and leave it there for twenty years and say, "CANON gave me this gift, I want to preserve it." No, you look for the manual and learn the way out of your problem.

Have you ever been stressed, facing a big problem you didn't know how to overcome? Well, you didn't have to take it so hard on you. Your manual was right there beside your bed and you didn't even look at it. Open it, the solution is there. It contains words, events, and teachings that will lead you to a better life.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Who Wrote The Bible? Part III

Thank God for King James. Although many people call it the King James Bible he still didn't own it, it's not his. It's his version of the Bible. He demanded that the Bible should be translated directly from the Hebrew and Greek language in its entirety. It was done by scholars back in the 17th century, year 1644.

The Catholic Church has been out there for thousands of years. It ruled through the Roman Empire for over 1200 years. If the Bible was a fake book, what were they hiding it from? What for? From the truth or a lie?

The Catholic Church changed her Bible as well. It was not convenient for them to have the chapter 20 of the book of Exodus saying that God does not prove the worship of images (Idolatry) and false gods. So, the Catholics changed the first commandment by replacing it with the words Jesus spoke 2000 years later. "Love God above all things and love you brethren as to yourself." God did not mention such a thing in His law. It was not the time of Grace yet! They forgot though that the Psalm 115 mentions that the images are wrong. And they erased another further verse in the middle of the ten commandments turning it into two. Let them try to change Judges 6, Isaiah, Daniel and Jeremiah, and so on...Many times often Israel was punished for worshiping idols and idolatry.

The Jehovah Witnesses changed 5 John verse 7 replacing it with the last sentence from verse 6 and skipping the true text to verse 8 only to erase the holy trinity from the Bible.

Compare: (New World Translation) verse 7 "And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth."
Verse 8 "And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one."

(King James Version) verse 7 "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one,
verse 8 "And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one."

Everybody's Bible talk about the three witnesses in heaven, but theirs. How exclusive they are!

This why you should not follow religions, or denominational churches, or their doctrines, but Jesus Christ, the Bible, the one without religion.

The Christian doctrine is the Word of God that feeds your soul.

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." (John 16:4) KJV

Who Wrote The Bible? Part II

I don't think an ass, a cow, or a monkey could have done it. I believe God spoke to Holy people in the past and they wrote of what they heard from God Himself. Was it imagination? Is it imagination when you feel guilt in your heart? Well, listen, it's the voice of conscience speaking to you through your spirit. And who communicates with your spirit to give you direction, to convince you of a mistake? That's right, God!

You think those Holy men wrote dozens of complex books on their own with what they had to deal with back then? Read Psalms 22. It foretells the crucifixion of Jesus Christ about 800 years in advance. Was it imagination? You know it happened 2000 years ago. All prophesies in the past foretold an "old past future" and a "future future". It all depends where in time you are or one was.

These books were later translated from Hebrew into Greek and Aramaic as well. Why would one think that scholars and translators would want to add one more word here, one more word there? What was the need for that? The Bilble is already complex enough. Why make it harder? Why would they think that's what they "thought it meant to say?"

If we observe the Jews, you'll see that they are the most conservative and religious folks on earth. The transcribers, the pharisees and teachers of the law, made sure that every book was translated and copied word for word. The scriptures have been compared and they look the same. I had five different Bibles before. KJV, NKJV, Portuguese Bible by Joao de Almeida, La Biblia de las Americas and a also a French Bible. I have compared several texts from Jesus' words, Book of Malachi, and so on, and the interesting thing is that I found out is that they have one thing in common, they all have the same information, apart from the different languages.

Who Wrote the Bible? Part I

One of the interesting subjects we spoke about at the birthday party was, "Who wrote the Bible? Where did it come from?"

I didn't have the chance to speak on my defense toward my beliefs, until Kenny gave a time to speak about the Antichrist. I know he felt unfair from their part for me staying there, listening to things he knew I could not agree. I was screaming from inside my stomach. So I went to the kitchen to grab some food and prayed to God to calm me down and give me peace. After all, it was Kenny's party, not mine. The conversation went as far as criticizing the church goers. They said that they haven't been to church for years. I know they have been taught doctrines and ideals that make no sense to their lives, and that freaked them out. But churches are not all the same. We can't judge churches because a particular denomination is doing bad.

When I spoke about the Antichrist, almost everyone left the leaving room for food, except for Kenny who went to attend the bell so he could open the door for another guest. I'm sure he would have stayed there if the bell did not ring. I was left with two listeners. If the others could not listen to a simple person talking about something he knows, how will they believe in God or His word in the Bible? Can they give an opinion upon something they refuse to hear? What can they say actually about a book written by several men in different times? - The Bible.

The Bible has been proved times and times again to be true and a real about what it says?
History, findings, wars, places and all writings stated about the Bible by several FAMOUS authors everywhere, have proved the Bible to be right and accurate.

The "Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown, whether this codes are true or not, it doesn't go against against the Bible stories. It actually supports them. Dan Brown only seems to mention that the Bible is just simply not completed. The stories told therein were cut short. Doesn't mean the Bible is not true or was re-edited, re-written, re-invented.

Can one prove the Bible is not true? Can you prove me God doesn't exist? Try to convince me the wind is unreal. I can't see it, you can't see it. Is it real? I may chose not to believe it doesn't exist, but I know I can feel it. I taste it, it's inevitable.

Archaeologists have been proving for decades up to today that the stories of the Bible are real.

At the end of these study you will find several links for some fascinating discoveries that might surprise you. Judge them by yourself. They were found by scholars, teachers, scientists, skeptical, and even atheists, and also famous archaeologists.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"Rules were made to be broken"

We say sometimes, "rules have been made to be broken." But were they really made for that?
Imagine what world would be without them. They were created to keep us controlled and from going beyond our limits.

It's our curiosity that makes us open that forbidden door. Rules were not made to be broken; we break them. If this were true, then there would be no need to create them.
God was the first one to create rules for the world.

He said, "Thou shalt not eat from the tree from the middle of the garden, for in the day you eat from it, you shall die." (Genesis 2:16-17). Curiosity and temptation led them to disobey and that drove Adam and Eve out of the Paradise.

What happens when we disobey the world's rules? We're convicted, sentenced, we suffer the consequences.

We should not use excuses to clear our conscience from our guilt. Saying, "Rules were made to be broken" and make it feel like you can do whatever comes to your mind.

I'd like to do many things; get rid of some people, to not pay the groceries at the supermarket, to not stop at the red light, etc...

We know that if we don't respect the rules we will get hurt some how.

Get the rules together and obey them, whether the earth's rules or God's rule. Live safe!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Great Weekend Birthday

The birthday weekend started last Thursday. After work I took the N, F, D and A train to get to my best friend Kenny's apartment. He was going to add one more year to his skin that day.

I just wanted him to know he wasn't alone, there was someone there who really cared for him.
Although I had to leave early on Friday, I returned on Saturday for the birthday celebration. He was frustrated, and panicked about the party and arrangements on time. He didn't know if the party was going to "stink", (so the little devil blew on his mind). I told him to calm down; everything would be fine.

I left work again, and made the same commute to his apartment. There he was, nervous like an angry cat. I helped him clean the place and prepare the food, just in time before the first guest came in. Before that, everyone he mostly expected called with poor excuses to not come to the party.

I still kept the faith, that someone would show up. We even thought about eating the food ourselves and head outside for a walk to Times Square in case no one showed up.

By 11Pm, we had received seven people in the apartment. We talked about interesting subjects, laughed, ate and then everyone left by 12:30AM. I stayed over. It was late and was it his birthday. Why leave him then, when he was feeling so great? I started to feel peace. I woke up a 6:00 AM to go to church and returned to his place at 6:30 PM again.

I was happy, feeling God's presence. I spoke calmly, and was relaxed. We watched movies, in which "THE TENANTS" ... with Snoop Dogg and Dylan McDermott was a great pick. I brought what was supposed to have been a good comedy, "Shriek, If you know what i did last Friday the 13th." it was stupid! We turned it off and stayed talking.

On Monday, I stayed home with him, even though I was suppose to help the pastor at church. There were things I had to do, and one of them was keeping my promise to him. I've never been good at promises. I wanted to show the difference today. I gave him breakfast, and we went for a walk to Barnes and Noble. We envied some cheesy books. We fussed about them. We can do better and be on the shelves too.

I'm home now after a long business meeting on 32th street.

I thank God, that in spite of my limitations, He still blessed this weekend for me and for my friend Kenny just as I had prayed before I rang his bell.

Thank you for being my friend Kenny. May God bless you.