Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sentenced to death

I have been thinking when I watch certain movies and read the news of criminals sentenced to death.

I know it is painful to lose someone in our family by the hand of a merciless man, but is it worth the killing, will it bring anyone back?

Sentences to death have been brought forth since the beginning of time. God's people stoned their sinners and blasphemers with stones; later the crucification was invented, a slower death, but even if you were taken away from there, the Tetanus virus would asphyxiate your lungs like poison. Jesus caught this disease when He was crucified. Psalm 22 explains how hard it was for Him to stand in there, hard to breathe, and the thirst it caused, although on that morning was not hot. Jesus commanded His own death after six hours on the cross, but normal people would face the their slow death with pain.

Later the Roman Soldiers would break their legs for them to die faster. Pain would not let them stretch their legs to uplift their bodies to ease the weight caused on their arm and hands. Since they were pierced in the middle of the forehand, what we call today wrist, the nails would rip through the nerve connected to the middle finger of each hand. This nerve is the only nerve of our arms and hands that are connected straight to the brain. This also caused a one hundred percent pain experience until they died. Their hearts would not hold all their pain and would give up on the victims.

After this, for centuries people were burnt alife or even eaten by the lions. Thousands of others even tortured by the catholics priests in the Inquisition of the Roman Empire for the twelve hundred years.

Queen Isabel was tortured to death for being a Christian (non Catholic) for worshiping God and not the "Holy Mother", and they pulled her stomach out through her mouth. They burnt the Queen still alive after this.

After these, they brought forth the beheading. Instantaneous death, like our Apostle Paul faced. Did these beheaded people feel their heads being cut off? Scientists say that when people were beheaded, their conscious minds were still awoken for at least ten seconds. What did they feel seeing eyes rolling on the floor out of control. Some times I try to imagine.

Those who were hanged by the neck had shorter life span though. The weight of their body breaks the cervical chord causing their throat to rip. I can't imagine what they feel in the moment they are pushed down the horse or hung on a tree, or even on a floor that opens with a lever beneath their feet that is pushed at the ticking clock of the observers. Does the victim hold the breath, does he close his eyes? Does he pray, or cry for a few seconds? What to they feel? What do we gain after all? Safety? Are we really safe? Our American young people people are dying in the deserts of Iraq, and we are still threatened and bombed, and more and more poor people are sleeping in the streets because their bosses are some racist freaks. People are labeled and are judged by what they look.

What and who are the true criminals? The ones in jail or the ones who commit injustice against others every day? Some convicted people are in jail for trying to help their families, trying to change their situation, and often they are even innocent. We are guilty until proven, yes, but they're still in there. In the meantime people outside are still struggling to have a living while companies and bosses take advantage of everyone.

Does NASA need to make human test in Mars with a probe? Take these freaks' money, build a spaceship for them and send them there so they can die "IN PEACE". May the Martians rest their souls.

And now the death penalty has become more technological and less painful. The victim lays on a comfortable bed, he is injected with a poisonous liquid and falls asleep. He never wakes up again. A hand clap for everybody, now the family's victim got their relative back from the dead, right?

Again, sometimes the criminals laugh when they know they are going to "sleep", sometimes they look sad because they know they will never wake up. Do they feel afraid, fear, or wondering?

I'm not on anybody's side if you want my opinion, I'm just wondering.

Reaching a goal

Reaching a goal is not as easy as we always plan, especially when it involves money. When you think you got it all you needed, actually there is some one else behind you waiting just to take away what you've just saved.

It's a sad feeling when you sacrificed time and strength to earn this money with jobs and skills and when you reached your goal, actually you did not. It's an an illusion. It feels like not wanting to fight anymore. Tear run out of the heart. Can we ever reach where we want to be, if every time we try a devour takes it away?

I only hope I'll make it in time before everything and everybody else become tired of waiting. I want a regular life, I want normal steady life, a car, a home, a career.

Americans fight against the Immigrants, but they forget they also want to overcome and be someone and help the family, be self-sufficient.

I have a dream, not to fight against America or its laws, but to grow with the country, with the technology, and the resources that are offered to me.

God Bless America!

Friday, June 23, 2006

My mother's traits

Today I was talking with a church member and we talked about my mother. I remembered of how I used to observe my mother when she was singing and conduct her life and dress, and talk to people and humbleness.

I used to be watched singing when I was still a three year old baby. People would make a circle around me to watch me singing and clap hands. My mother would stand in the back looking at me smiling proud. She used to sing in the choir at church and she has the most beautiful voice in the family.

I remember no one could sing at my grandmother's but her. She was always the singer. I miss hearing it, I miss hearing her laugh out loud, I miss making her proud when I used to bring good grades from school, I miss speaking about anything with her.

When I was asked about my singing and ability to play and understand music without the notion of a musical note, I answered, "My mother. She has the ability. I inherited that from her." My beautiful breast that upheld me till I left her for this country.

MISSING YOU MOM, I hope you feel it too.

Limousine try

I was invited to go to a wedding last week. Although I wasn't known by anyone I had fun especially with my friend Kenny.

But the most amazing thing for me and cheesy for some of you, is that I rode a limousine for the first time. It is said that there is a first time for everything, but most of the things we don't even want to try, like jumping from a bridge. Not everyone will try that in their lifetime.

But this time I did try a limousine and never thought I would ever. It was white and long. I was not allowed to drink anything but the ride was worth it. We rode the limo for about an hour till we finally found the place where the wedding was going to take place.

Although it is a beautiful vehicle, I came to the conclusion that is it nothing but a car, just like any other No illusions or anything magical. Not very comfortable, but the prestige of riding it and seeing me inside of one of those is a good feeling.

I doubted of the driver sometimes, but I knew he was a professional, we would be safe. It's just that I rather drive the cars then to be driven. It sounds weird but that's only me.


Today at church when I was praying for a lady I call Auntie, I looked at another by her side and felt a flame burning inside my chest. I couldn't help it. She was seating there while everyone else was standing in prayer and she was in pain. I approached her and laid hands on her head after have asked God to consecrate them. We never know what we've used them for when we deal with holy things like these. I prayed and felt that power that Jesus spoke about in the book Luke coming out of me and felt it enter in her body.

The evil spirit was chaining her body to a four legged walker that makes her depend on whenever she walks. She shook as if another identity took her body half way.

We have spoken before and she had been operated to the back, and the doctors could not help her. She is always in pain and couldn't walk without help.

After I prayed I told her to get up, not expecting anything to happen. I did that without thinking about what I was doing, and she got up from the chair at the first try and she walked back and forward on her own. She hadn't been able to do so in ten years. She was happy and crying.

This was my first walking miracle I've ever done in church In the name of Jesus. I heard His voice speaking. "I want to use you." It makes me cry. It makes want to be right, to be pure, to be closer to Him.

I'm not and don't feel even worthy of being used by Him this way. I'm sad and I'm happy. I'm sad because I'm a sinner and I wish I could be more and better for Him, I'm happy because He still loves me and wants to use me to bless others.

I love You God, Praised be Your Holy Name Forever!