Friday, June 23, 2006


Today at church when I was praying for a lady I call Auntie, I looked at another by her side and felt a flame burning inside my chest. I couldn't help it. She was seating there while everyone else was standing in prayer and she was in pain. I approached her and laid hands on her head after have asked God to consecrate them. We never know what we've used them for when we deal with holy things like these. I prayed and felt that power that Jesus spoke about in the book Luke coming out of me and felt it enter in her body.

The evil spirit was chaining her body to a four legged walker that makes her depend on whenever she walks. She shook as if another identity took her body half way.

We have spoken before and she had been operated to the back, and the doctors could not help her. She is always in pain and couldn't walk without help.

After I prayed I told her to get up, not expecting anything to happen. I did that without thinking about what I was doing, and she got up from the chair at the first try and she walked back and forward on her own. She hadn't been able to do so in ten years. She was happy and crying.

This was my first walking miracle I've ever done in church In the name of Jesus. I heard His voice speaking. "I want to use you." It makes me cry. It makes want to be right, to be pure, to be closer to Him.

I'm not and don't feel even worthy of being used by Him this way. I'm sad and I'm happy. I'm sad because I'm a sinner and I wish I could be more and better for Him, I'm happy because He still loves me and wants to use me to bless others.

I love You God, Praised be Your Holy Name Forever!

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