Friday, June 23, 2006

My mother's traits

Today I was talking with a church member and we talked about my mother. I remembered of how I used to observe my mother when she was singing and conduct her life and dress, and talk to people and humbleness.

I used to be watched singing when I was still a three year old baby. People would make a circle around me to watch me singing and clap hands. My mother would stand in the back looking at me smiling proud. She used to sing in the choir at church and she has the most beautiful voice in the family.

I remember no one could sing at my grandmother's but her. She was always the singer. I miss hearing it, I miss hearing her laugh out loud, I miss making her proud when I used to bring good grades from school, I miss speaking about anything with her.

When I was asked about my singing and ability to play and understand music without the notion of a musical note, I answered, "My mother. She has the ability. I inherited that from her." My beautiful breast that upheld me till I left her for this country.

MISSING YOU MOM, I hope you feel it too.

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