Saturday, June 24, 2006

Reaching a goal

Reaching a goal is not as easy as we always plan, especially when it involves money. When you think you got it all you needed, actually there is some one else behind you waiting just to take away what you've just saved.

It's a sad feeling when you sacrificed time and strength to earn this money with jobs and skills and when you reached your goal, actually you did not. It's an an illusion. It feels like not wanting to fight anymore. Tear run out of the heart. Can we ever reach where we want to be, if every time we try a devour takes it away?

I only hope I'll make it in time before everything and everybody else become tired of waiting. I want a regular life, I want normal steady life, a car, a home, a career.

Americans fight against the Immigrants, but they forget they also want to overcome and be someone and help the family, be self-sufficient.

I have a dream, not to fight against America or its laws, but to grow with the country, with the technology, and the resources that are offered to me.

God Bless America!

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