Monday, March 20, 2006

Great Weekend Birthday

The birthday weekend started last Thursday. After work I took the N, F, D and A train to get to my best friend Kenny's apartment. He was going to add one more year to his skin that day.

I just wanted him to know he wasn't alone, there was someone there who really cared for him.
Although I had to leave early on Friday, I returned on Saturday for the birthday celebration. He was frustrated, and panicked about the party and arrangements on time. He didn't know if the party was going to "stink", (so the little devil blew on his mind). I told him to calm down; everything would be fine.

I left work again, and made the same commute to his apartment. There he was, nervous like an angry cat. I helped him clean the place and prepare the food, just in time before the first guest came in. Before that, everyone he mostly expected called with poor excuses to not come to the party.

I still kept the faith, that someone would show up. We even thought about eating the food ourselves and head outside for a walk to Times Square in case no one showed up.

By 11Pm, we had received seven people in the apartment. We talked about interesting subjects, laughed, ate and then everyone left by 12:30AM. I stayed over. It was late and was it his birthday. Why leave him then, when he was feeling so great? I started to feel peace. I woke up a 6:00 AM to go to church and returned to his place at 6:30 PM again.

I was happy, feeling God's presence. I spoke calmly, and was relaxed. We watched movies, in which "THE TENANTS" ... with Snoop Dogg and Dylan McDermott was a great pick. I brought what was supposed to have been a good comedy, "Shriek, If you know what i did last Friday the 13th." it was stupid! We turned it off and stayed talking.

On Monday, I stayed home with him, even though I was suppose to help the pastor at church. There were things I had to do, and one of them was keeping my promise to him. I've never been good at promises. I wanted to show the difference today. I gave him breakfast, and we went for a walk to Barnes and Noble. We envied some cheesy books. We fussed about them. We can do better and be on the shelves too.

I'm home now after a long business meeting on 32th street.

I thank God, that in spite of my limitations, He still blessed this weekend for me and for my friend Kenny just as I had prayed before I rang his bell.

Thank you for being my friend Kenny. May God bless you.

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