Thursday, March 23, 2006

Who Wrote the Bible? Part I

One of the interesting subjects we spoke about at the birthday party was, "Who wrote the Bible? Where did it come from?"

I didn't have the chance to speak on my defense toward my beliefs, until Kenny gave a time to speak about the Antichrist. I know he felt unfair from their part for me staying there, listening to things he knew I could not agree. I was screaming from inside my stomach. So I went to the kitchen to grab some food and prayed to God to calm me down and give me peace. After all, it was Kenny's party, not mine. The conversation went as far as criticizing the church goers. They said that they haven't been to church for years. I know they have been taught doctrines and ideals that make no sense to their lives, and that freaked them out. But churches are not all the same. We can't judge churches because a particular denomination is doing bad.

When I spoke about the Antichrist, almost everyone left the leaving room for food, except for Kenny who went to attend the bell so he could open the door for another guest. I'm sure he would have stayed there if the bell did not ring. I was left with two listeners. If the others could not listen to a simple person talking about something he knows, how will they believe in God or His word in the Bible? Can they give an opinion upon something they refuse to hear? What can they say actually about a book written by several men in different times? - The Bible.

The Bible has been proved times and times again to be true and a real about what it says?
History, findings, wars, places and all writings stated about the Bible by several FAMOUS authors everywhere, have proved the Bible to be right and accurate.

The "Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown, whether this codes are true or not, it doesn't go against against the Bible stories. It actually supports them. Dan Brown only seems to mention that the Bible is just simply not completed. The stories told therein were cut short. Doesn't mean the Bible is not true or was re-edited, re-written, re-invented.

Can one prove the Bible is not true? Can you prove me God doesn't exist? Try to convince me the wind is unreal. I can't see it, you can't see it. Is it real? I may chose not to believe it doesn't exist, but I know I can feel it. I taste it, it's inevitable.

Archaeologists have been proving for decades up to today that the stories of the Bible are real.

At the end of these study you will find several links for some fascinating discoveries that might surprise you. Judge them by yourself. They were found by scholars, teachers, scientists, skeptical, and even atheists, and also famous archaeologists.

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