Saturday, March 25, 2006

Who Wrote the Bible? Part IV

The common question still lights up in your mind. "But, who wrote the Bible?"

Does it really matter? A person like you and me must have written it. Is it true what is in the Bible?

You don't ask about the History books. You know their contents are real without even reading them. But you question the Bible even without reading it. You go by the opinions of others. I watch bad reviewed movies that enjoyed, I enjoyed so much I even have my own copies.
The Bible is not a religion, or a prison; it's a manual for you life, it's freedom.

Imagine you bought a very complicated electronic and you seem not to understand how it works. What do you do? Do you throw it away? Do you put it inside the drawer and leave it there for twenty years and say, "CANON gave me this gift, I want to preserve it." No, you look for the manual and learn the way out of your problem.

Have you ever been stressed, facing a big problem you didn't know how to overcome? Well, you didn't have to take it so hard on you. Your manual was right there beside your bed and you didn't even look at it. Open it, the solution is there. It contains words, events, and teachings that will lead you to a better life.

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