Saturday, September 06, 2008

Why Gays Have To Show Their Gayness?

In the last weeks have been noticing how gays act in public. I have nothing personal against gays. as matter of fact most of my friends are gay and I have no problem with that. In spite of being a Christian I have to say I cannot judge anyone. But one thing bothers me and like other fellow male friends, we refuse to understand why some have to show their gayness.

Some speak overly girly and stress the American accent with the extremely stressed Rs, when they speak they sound like they're singing out of tone, some dress like a girl with fruity colors that not even girls today can wear. They look like they're advertising the United Colors of Benetton. They turn their heads so fast and so perpendicular to their shoulders they look like mannequins, and they sit so stiff they look like a block of cement. The train moving doesn't make a difference to them. They carry handbags on their shoulders and I wonder if they bring make up in there too. (probably do).

This week I saw a young guy that dyed his hair so blond he looked like a snow flake. It was shinning at the corner of my eye. And, yes, he was knitting too with a goofy headphone on his "snow head." Suddenly he started to bang his head in circles like an retard and making the Zoolander face to his "dance." He thought he was blasting, while other normal boys were staring. Ahh! Of course, so did I.

I understand when a guy is gay, but for all effects, they are male with a penis that gets hard and everything. Why over reacting? It's not like some one is going to be hired for a C- movie with poor actors who need help with acting.

Today, I saw a "fabulousth" black male who walked fiercely like a cat. I wonder how far gays will go on imitating animal walking, throwing more possible rainbow colors on them, putting sun glasses - sometimes at night - that makes them look like flies, and wear really tight clothes that the only thing we is the the fat bellies and the unshaped body from they legs and arms. Sometime the twinks even wear tank shirt to show off muscle - only in their dream.

My eyes gaze as their hair style look like torpedoes or a forest destroyed buy a hurricane.

I know I may be wrong on this point of view, but I don't think we need to show off what we are. The others will know, naturally, it is much funnier when others discover us slowly.

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