Monday, July 02, 2007

Day 1 - Weght Gain vs Weight Loss

My roommate and I started the day as many others, but with a difference. I looked into making sure I'd eat food that ads up to over 2000 calories per day. Due to the fact that I lose weight when I walk to work everyday, the stress of my problems and the crap of the subway delays making me arrive late to work or to church, not to mention the heartache the banks, credit and cable companies cause to my peace and of course my favorite - the coffee.

I'm learning to take one thing at a time and relax (but not too much though). I still need to work my business and be successful in my dreams. One of my dreams is to have an envious body that will make me feel good about myself and confident. But I also know that won't make me a better man if I don't act, think or behave like one and it starts with my habits, diet, and mainly my connection with God. "Everything else shall be added," including success and love.

My roommate in other hand will have his first run of the deal tomorrow. Our first video will start showing up soon in our blogs.

It's going to be a thrill to achieve our dream look.

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