Monday, November 16, 2009

Visions 2 - New York

Very simple. In 1998 I just knew that My bishop of the church would tell me to come to New York. From every country in the world that speaks English I just knew New York would be my new home for many years.

While in tribulation in Portugal, many times wanted to leave and get a real life. But God kept telling me: "New York, You're going to New York. Hang on." One way I didn't want to leave and leave my parents by myself, in other hand I wanted to serve God, and He kept saying: "I'm going to use you a lot." But deep inside of me, I knew that He would not use me as a pastor for long. He had other plans.

In 1999 I was sent to New York just as I was told, and became an assistant pastor. For five years I knew it was not my call. There was something else. I'm not a pastor now. I left in 2004. Got married, and had a vision of a bright colored car and white colored house. I said that to my wife back then. No one believed me. On that same day on Times Square God had told me great things I still can't reveal. But I do have now a bright colored car - A bright silver Nissan Altima. And I'm already looking for a house to park it. I have no money and don't know how I'll get it. He's shown me He doesn't fail with His promises. I know He's working on it. I'm divorced now but I'm feeling something big is just about to happen.

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