Friday, April 11, 2008

My First Miracle Performed In New York

Many people ask if miracles are still possible. If there are men who actually perform incredible things before the eyes of people. I know I have during my time as an Assistant Pastor. God knows how much I miss seeing people relieved from their pain, see the smile of a lady who fought for years to buy a house and bringing a testimony saying she bought it when I prophesied it to her.

It was in 1999, and as I walked down Fulton Street in Brooklyn back to the church coming from the supermarket, I saw this man struggling with his white car. It was a very old one. A white Oldsmobile I think. The man, a forty something years old with mustache, has his sleeve rolled up, the hood popped up and hands dirty from trying to make his car start. I walked by and I looked. I didn't want to stop, but it must have been God who told me, "Look, put me to test. Let me show you I am with you." I knew, the name and the honor of God can never be frustrated and I thought back to Him, "What do I have to lose? If You embarrass me, You'll be too."

I walked back to the car and I asked, "What's going on with the car?"
The tired man answered, "I really don't know. I'm here trying to start it for over an hour and I don't know what to do anymore."

When power rises in my heart I cry. I knew that was the time.

"Sir, do you believe in God? Do you believe He can make it work." I asked.
I knew the doubt in his heart was stronger than any belief. But I was believing for him?
"I think so." He said.
I laid my hands on the wet car from the rain pouring upon us. I said, "Lord in the name of Jesus, if there is any demon or any evil kind in this car remove it and destroy it. Touch this car, and with your mighty power make it work. Let your name be glorified, I pray, and I command all evil to GET OUT in Jesus name. Amen." I flanged my hand out as if expelling something with my hands.

I didn't know what the heck I was doing exactly. I've prayed for people to be healed, but for cars to be fixed was new to me. But God knew what He was doing.

I told him to start the car. He said, "okay" like a singing doubt.

What if the car didn't start? But because God is great, He never fails those who proclaim His name.

The man turned the ignition. The engine didn't even drag. The engine started immediately as if there never was a problem. The man was speechless.

"I. . . I, don't know how you . . . I'm surprised. It was dead!"
"Thank to the Lord Jesus. He was the One who blessed you.

I walked back to the church and I forgot this episode until today, 9 years later. I know He wants to use me. I'm not gonna say no to Him anymore. I'm just make it happen for Him. I know He'll make it happen for me as well.

May God bless us all.

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