Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bible Study - Book Of Revelation - The Vision Of The Risen Lord

Read: Revelation chapter 1.

John was arrested in the Island of Patmos for Preaching the Word of God and of course the love of Jesus for the humanity. After all He gave Himself on the cross for all of us, so we wouldn't perish.

John was old and his eyes were probably tired. I imagine how painful it was living in the Island of Patmos without a way out to nowhere. That island was like the Albatross of the 20th century. It was a place of torment and hard work for great criminals. This place is today a touristic location and is visited bt thousands of people every year. But those who go there, need to remember that it was there that Jesus Christ took John in Spirit into the Revelation of the future of this world. And there he would show all the things that were to come upon the world.

The fact that Chapter 1 of Revelation describes that Jesus wore white hair like wool and a garment that looks like that of a captain, leads me to believe that He wanted to tell John, that it was time for Him to come and judge the world. Judges in the courts today and in old times wore white wigs on their heads to force authority on the throne and garments they wear bring the center of the attention of the people and the individual to be judged and they know - that is the judge.

Jesus said he was the the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. He was the one who started everything, and He will be the one who will end it. (John 1:1-10)

When we look at the kind of description the Bible, or better saying - John, we understand that what he saw was the Lord Jesus as the Lord of Lords, the Judge of this world. The time was come to end all things and begin the trial. This is the beginning of the book of Revelation and this is what Jesus intends to tell the nation of the world - "It's over. I've defended you, I've died for you, I healed you and blessed you. Now I'm here to judge you."

John never died because of persecution, rather he died a natural death. God had chosen him for this purpose. He would decode what Prophets like Daniel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and many others also saw.

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