Saturday, November 17, 2007

From Dreams To Reality

My mind was filled with images and crazy ideas as a child that I had to put on paper. When I was a kid I also used to draw comic books. I'd draw thieves stealing cars that wouldn't get too far because they were stopped by a superhero that drove a super car. I told stories of aliens invading planet Earth with a huge cloud that surrounded the planet, turning it into darkness. I called it "Climate". It was as if I could see the pictures moving at 24fps on the paper. I used to draw flip cartoon booklets with animation. It amazed me. I wondered what stories I could tell if I only had the right tools to make them real.

I could hear the voices and weird noises of ghosts and aliens hovering over the city, and I could smell the clouds with a foul odor. It was as if I could smell the scent of burnt cars and burnt buildings; I felt cold when the sun did not appear after many hours like a nuclear winter.

I created my own Christian action character, Tucker, who was always confident that God in His infinite power would deliver him from the evil maniac's hands who were trying to destroy the world.

I didn't end there. I continued with Genesix Forever, my first novella. I self-published it. The next book was a little bit longer; I called it 2051.

As I started a full length novel, Secret Gate, a promising adventure story, I became more confident as a writer.

I've since completed two screenplays that I will produce in the next few years.

Since I bought my first professional camera, it has been inspiring me to write the stories in my heart. I don't have any idea how I will make them happen, I just know I will.

I guess God knew why I drew, why I wrote stories and why now I write screenplays, and at the same time I draw my own storyboards. Everything has fallen into place now. I have a mission to bring my creativity to the screen like I always imagined as a child.

This is why I created my production company, to realize my dreams and to eventually help others. To make movies that will be remembered and pass on an everlasting message of joy and hope.

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